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What is the Blockchain?

The Blockchain is the future of global financial transactionability.

The Blockchain is a highly advanced and highly secure electronic space in the internet in which Bitcoin exists and through which Bitcoin flows and transacts, fast, efficiently and securely.


Transactional technology in the most modern of banks and exchanges today continues to drag years behind behind Blockchain technology. It is fair to compare modern banking system to the Blockchain, just a you would compare a steam engine to a Mars Rover.

The World is Waking Up

With Bitcoin (BTC) becoming more and more vocalised in  world media, financial and regulatory conversations, many leading banks are currently looking into and researching Blockchain technology to gain an understanding and to look at how Blockchain technology can be incorporated into for the future.

Should you decide to become a BTC miner, BPM will educate, train and assist you every step of the way with getting going operationally with mining and the Blockchain.

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