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BPM Terms of Use

Usage of Bitcoin Pro Mining (BPM) and or any of its promoted services and/or instruments and/or platforms is subject to the BPM Terms of Use. By registering on the BPM website (http://btcpromining.com), you are confirming your acceptance of and agreement to comply with the BMP Terms of Use.


1. Introduction:

Bitcoin Professional Mining, hereafter referred to as “BPM”, or “BTCpromining.com" is pleased to provide you with these Terms of Use, information, content, platforms, services, instruments and platforms on www.btcpromining.com , which contractually govern the use of BPM services and instruments by you, (the User), and your relationship with BPM.

These Terms of Use or hereafter referred to as “TOU”, include important disclosures and information related to certain aspects of BPM, what BPM offers, how it functions (Modus Operandi), the relationship between the User and BPM, Legality and Taxation, Indemnity and Conditions of Use of BPM's offerings, services and instruments.

2. Registration and User Definition:

By registering on the BPM Website, hereafter referred to as the “BPM Platform” or “BPM” or “BTCpromining.com", the registering person will be known as “User” or “The User” or "Member" or "The Member" or "Reseller" or "The Reseller."

The User confirms that he/she has read the BPM Terms of Use in full and fully understand and fully accepts the BPM Terms of Use. The User further confirms that by clicking on the Terms of Use Tick-Box on the Registration Page, that the User confirms that the User has read the BPM Terms of Use in full, and fully understands and unconditionally accepts and unconditionally agrees to abide by BPM Terms of Use.

The User is defined as any person who looks at and/or registers on and/or decides to make use of the offerings of BPM / BTCpromining.com. All BPM Terms of Use below are form a direct agreement between BPM and the User from the moment the User looks at or surfs through BPM website and/or accepts  and makes use of the offerings available on the BPM Website.

3. Two Categories of User

There are two categories of BPM users namely, Member and Reseller.

4. Member

All persons who register on BPM are automatically members. The relationship between members and BPM is governed by the BPM Terms of Use.

5. Reseller

Any member who requests and agrees with BPM to become a BPM Reseller, is known as a Reseller. The relationship between the Reseller and BPM is governed by the BPM Terms of Use and togther with the BPM Terms of Use, the BPM Reseller Agreement.

6. Binding Agreement between User/Member and BPM:

These Terms Of Use (TOU's) form a binding agreement between the User and BPM.  User access to and use of BPM constitutes your acceptance of these Terms of Use and any other legal notices and statements contained on BPM. Furthermore, BPM may modify these Terms of Use at any time and without prior notice. Your continued access to and use of BPM constitutes your continued acceptance of these Terms of Use as modified.

7. Binding Agreement between Reseller and BPM:

These TOU's and the BPM Reseller Agreement together form a binding agreement between the Reseller and BPM.  User access to and use of BPM constitutes your acceptance of these Terms of Use and the Reseller's acceptance and agreement to the BPM Resellers Agreement, any other legal notices and statements contained on BPM. Furthermore, BPM may modify these Terms of Use at any time and without prior notice. Your continued access to and use of BPM Com constitutes your continued acceptance of these Terms of Use as modified.

The continued reselling activity of any BPM Reseller constitutes the Resellers acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and obligations of the BPM Reseller Agreement. This is over and above and inclusive with the BPM TOU.

8. Legality:

When you access the BPM website, it is the responsibility of the User to check and ensure that the BPM instruments or services offered by BPM and being considered by the User, do not violate the User’s local laws and legislations in the User’s residence country, before the User uses any instruments or services accessed via BPM.

To the best knowledge of BPM, all BPM services and instruments are legal, in the understanding that BPM strives to never engage or be associated with or offer any form of doubtful or potentially illegal or immoral services and instruments.

BPM services and instruments are focused on delivering sustainably growing income streams for the User, and are available to you the User only if they are legal in your country of residence.

9. Taxation:

The User is wholly and personally responsible for ensuring that the User complies with all User Taxation obligations and requirements in the User’s Country of Residence.  The User further confirms that the User understands and agrees that BPM and or its people have nothing whatsoever to do with the User’s taxation obligations, either before registration on BPM by the User, or during registration or at any time after registration.

10. Transparency and Integrity:

Bitcoin Professional Mining is built and based on the core values of its Founding Fathers; Integrity, TransparencyPerformance and Service Excellence

11. Indenities:

11. 1 Advice Dsiclaimer

BPM is an expert on internet business and entrepreneurship, of which the output and benefit of activities to the User of BPM is of a monetary nature. BPM is not and does not portray or attempt to portray itself as a registered Financial Services Provider or Financial Advisor of any kind in any manner whatsoever.

b) BPM provides internet income generating opportunities through providing the User with access to 3rd Party Platforms and Instruments. BPM requests that the User advise the User’s financial advisor about what the User is doing on such platforms, such that BPM activities and monetary gains to the User can be included in the Users’ overall personal financial planning processes that are advised and generally done for User by the by the Users’ Financial Planner.

c) BPM is not involved in the User / User Financial Planner relationship in any manner whatsoever.

d) BPM does not guarantee the accuracy of the information, and will not accept liability for any loss or damage that may arise directly or indirectly from the content of and/or offering presented by BPM, or for any delay in or failure of the transmission or the receipt of any instruction or notifications sent through BPM.

e) All content on BPM is presented only as of the date published or indicated, and may be superseded at anytime by subsequent market events or for other reasons.

f) In all cases of contradiction and/or incompatibility between the information appearing on BPM and any information available on 3rdParty platforms relating to 3rd Part activities by the User, the information recorded in the 3rd Party Platforms shall take precedence, where such information is related to or is about or is created or is published by the 3rd party BPM shall not bear responsibility for User damage and/or losses of any kind liable to be caused as a result of reliance on any 3rd Party information appearing on BPM.

12. User Risk – Indemnity of BPM:

BPM Does not attempt in any manner to promise or guarantee any financial or monetary returns in the understanding that the User subscribes to and BPM and makes use of the available income building platforms wholly and solely at the User’s risk, with no recourse of any nature at any time in the past, present or future to BPM or its officers or representatives by the User.

The User, through the act of viewing the BPM Site and /or ticking the “Terms of Use” box when registering on BPM, understands and agrees that if the User decides to make use of services platforms provided by BPM, that the User does so wholly and solely at the Users Personal Risk in full, with no recourse by the User to BPM;  before, during or after the event or usage of any nature of BPM offerings and services.   

13. Copyright:

All information, programs or other information that may be viewed or downloaded or accessed from BTCpromining.com and additional elements advertised or shown on the site, are subject to and protected by the international copyright laws.

The use of BTCpromining.com in any manner by the User is subject to making fair use only in accordance with these laws. It is not permitted to copy, change, distribute, or make commercial use of the information in any format including printed, electronic or other, without the written permission of the holders of the copyright.

14. Third Party Platforms and Information:

14.1 Principle and 3rd Party Definitions:

14.1.1 PRINCIPLE: BPM will be the Principle service provider to the User through its primary role as a portal that provides a one-stop-access to 3rd Party websites, through which Users are introduced to other independent websites that offer the user income generating and building opportunities and platforms.

14.1.2  The primary role of BPM is to provide a single point of entry to a number of independent websites,  and to provide education and support to BPM users on how to go about this correctly for maximum long term benefit.

14.1.13 3RD PARTY: Any website or product or service or platform that is not a direct part of BPM, but which is shown on BTCpromining.com and / or introduced on BPM or which can be accessed by the User on BTCpromining.com shall be referred to, known and treated and referred to as a “3rd Party."

14.1.4  A core element of the way that BPM operates and functions as an income generating portal, is to provide Users with a single point of access to a range of 3rd Party income generating websites and information. BPM and or its software developers cannot and will not be held responsible for damage to the User of any kind liable to be caused as a result of the said downloading and/or usage of 3rdParty programs, tools and instruments and/or, as a result of use of any 3rd Party program by the User, that has been accessed by the User via BPM in any manner.

15. Customer's Undertaking Regarding the Terms of Use and The Validity of Agreements:

These Terms of Use are in addition to any contract or agreement in writing or verbal between BPM and the User. These Terms of Use do not change or cancel any condition of the contract.

16. Use of Links:

BTCpromining.com contains links to websites operated by other parties, referred to in these Terms of Use as 3rdParties or 3rd Party. BPM does not control the content or accuracy of information on 3RD Party or such websites and does not otherwise endorse the material placed on 3rd Party or such sites. The links available on the BPM site are provided by BPM to enable the User to access and register on 3rd Party sites. BTCpromining.com excludes all liability and responsibility for the content or operation of all 3rd Party websites that Users of BPM may register on and use.

17. Use of 3rd Party Platforms and Instruments:

BPM does not own, control or manage the content or accuracy of information and/or the delivery of undertakings made to the User by 3rd Party websites that the User has registered on after being introduced to the 3rd Party website by BPM. Once a User registers on a 3rd Party website that has been introduced by BPMpromining.com, there will be a direct agreement, operational and commercial and financial relationship between the User and the respective 3rd Party website. All matters relating to anything that happens on the 3rd Party website and the User are to be  resolved and settled directly between the User and the 3rdParty, with no involvement or obligation or liability of any kind whatsoever to BPM. BPM does not have any influence or jurisdiction on 3rd Party sites shown on BPM as all 3RD Party Sites and instruments are independently owned and managed.

18. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability:

To the maximum extent permitted by law, BPM will not be liable for any consequential, incidental, special, direct, or indirect damages (including but not limited to lost profits, trading or monetary losses or damages that result from use or loss of use by the User of BPMpromining.com or 3rd Party content, inconvenience or delay). This is true even if BPM has been advised of the possibility of such damages or losses. Except as otherwise required by law, BPMpromining.com will not be liable to the User or anyone else for any loss resulting from a cause over which such BPM does not have direct control. This includes failure of electronic or mechanical equipment or communications lines (including telephone, cable and internet), unauthorized access, viruses, theft, operator errors, severe or extraordinary weather (including flood, earthquake, or other act of god), fire, war, insurrection, terrorist act, riot, labor dispute and other labor problems, accident, emergency or action of government, or an act of God.

19. No Claim

The signatories to this Agreement confirm by signing this Agreement that they have read, understand and agreed to abide by and honor the Terms of this Agreement and, the signatories hereby agree to accept all terms and conditions, unconditionally and agree not to claim against BPM, its’ Founders, Resellers or Associates in the case where a User or Reseller experiences a loss of any kind, for any reason.

20. Indemnification

As a condition of your use of BPM as a User, you agree to indemnify and hold BPM and its Founders and Third Party Content providers harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, liability, costs and expenses (including but not limited to attorneys' fees) arising from your use of BPM and/or 3RD Party sites and instruments, or consequences arising from your violation of these Terms.

21. Jurisdiction

Any and all litigation that may transpire between BPM and any User anywhere in the world, shall be under the jurisdiction of the laws of the Republic of South Africa and the High Court of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.

22. Arbitration

Should any matter that may transpire between BPM and any User anywhere in the world go to arbitration, the ruling of any arbitrator will be accepted and honoured by BPM and the User.


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