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Governance is an important aspect of BPM in terms of Sustainability & Growth, FICA, BPM Terms of Use and Advice Disclaimer, Taxation and Personal Financial & Estate Planning. All members are urged to familiarise themselves with the BMP Governance Framework in the section of the BPM website. 

 - Sustainability & Growth

Notwithstanding all said in the BPM Terms of Use and Advice Disclaimer, BPM strives within its realm of influence to ensure sustainability and growth for members.

- Fica

Elements of the transactional platforms that you will be registering on through BPM are FICA regulated in their countries. This will require that you verify your Identity and Proof of Residence and that you verify your bankning card details, amongst other things.

The FICA Verification process on the platforms that you will be introduced to by BPM are y strict. Verification requirement will need to be fully complied with before you can transact.

  - BPM Terms of Use 

See the BPM Terms of Use by clicking here

 - BPM Advice Disclaimer

See the BPM Advice Disclaimer at the ottom of every page of the BPM Website

 - Last Will & Testament

BMP strongly advised that members have their BPM related e-assets included in their Last Will & Testament

 - Taxation

BPM has nothing what so ever to do with members taxation issues and visa versa

 - Personal Estate and Financial Planning

BPM does no give or get involved in any manner what so ever in member personal estate and financial planning. This is a matter betwen members and the financial planners of members who make use of such services. BPM does strongly recommend that members's advise their personal estate & financial planners about their e-asset in Bitcoin for inclusion in Last Wills & Testaments

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