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BPM recommends that before you contact support for help or assistance, that you first review the BPM FAQ's provided below.

This page contains general FAQ’s only. Specific FAQ’s relating to specific income building platforms that are promoted by BPM will be found on the specific income building platforms' websites. These can be accessed via the links in the BPM members’ area which you will find once you have registered on BPM.

  • q-iconWhat information does BPM provide to members?

    There are two categories of information:

    1.) General
    2.) BPM specific

    BPM provides general and BPM specific information and related FAQ’s.


  • q-iconIs BPM an investment company?

    No. BPM is an internet entrepreneurship focused plaform and portal, that provides organisations and individuals with online access to making money on the internet. What you do with the money that you make via BPM in terms of investing is your responsibility and decision. BPM does not get involved in any manner whatsoever in the personal financial planning or activities of members. See the BPM Terms of Use and Advice Disclaimer for further clarity.

  • q-iconDoes BPM have any direct or indirect ownership or interest in or management influence over the income building platforms accessed via BPM?

    No. BPM is an independent team and independent website of any other parties. BPM merely provides information on and access to 3rd party sites, where BPM Users individually and directly register to use the sites offering.

  • q-iconWhen I register on BPM, who am I contracting with in terms of Terms of Usage and Indemnities?

    Like most organisations with most professional websites, BPM has its own and unique “Terms of Use” and “Indemnities. These are clearly shown on the BPM site. It is a registration requirement and condition that the “BPM Terms of Use” must be agreed to via the user through ticking a box on the BPM Registration Page, before a Users’ registration can be accepted by BPM.

  • q-iconWhen I register on an any specific income building platform that BPM has given me access to, who am I contracting with in terms of Obligations, Terms of Usage and Indemnities?

    Over and above the BPM Terms of Usage and Indemnity agreement that exists between BPM and its User, when a BPM User registers on any other site to which BPM has given the user access to, by doing so, the BPM User is entering into a separate Terms of Usage and Indemnity agreement with the website the User is registering on. Specific Platform obligations, “Terms of Use” and/or “Indemnities” have no relationship with or anything to do with the Terms of Usage and Indemnity agreement the User has with BPM.

  • q-iconDoes BPM Provide Training and Support?

    BPM Is committed to providing its users with training and support to assist and enable the User to maximise the income building platforms that the User elects to register on and engage. BPM Training and Support is more of an educative, generic and strategic nature, noting that the specific income building platforms that are promoted by BPM provide their own direct and detailed User Support, which BPM does not duplicate.

  • q-iconWhat are Platform Strategies?

    There are 4 aspects to managing a successful online income building platform. 1) Registration, 2) Funding and Activation, 3) Strategy and 4) Platform Management. BPM Provides insights and is happy to assist users when they develop their own unique strategy for each site.

  • q-iconHow Accessible is the BPM Support Team?

    BPM provides world class user support. This is one of our core values.

    The BPM support team is readily available during South African normal office hours (9am to 5pm – Monday to Friday).

    Initial User contact with Support is made via using the Support e-mail tool on the BPM Support page. Depending on the complexity of a User Query, it may be resolved by BPM via a reply e-mail, or it could escalate to a Skype or telephonic conversation and where practically a physical meeting.

  • q-iconWhat is Cryptocurrency?

    Cryptocurrency is an alternative and parallel value based instrument to the USD, EUR, GBP etc. Cryptocurrency is electronic. There is no physical paper or coin.

  • q-iconWhat is Crypto Currency Mining?

    Crypto Currencies are produced as an outcome of proof of work done, through 1000’s, of advanced technology mining computers spinning 24 hours  per day, 365 days per year, performing complex mathematical algorithms that produce Bitcoin. A vast amount of power is consumed.

    This generates heat, which requires that the computers be cooled. This is one of the primary reasons why Crypto Currency mines are geographically located in cold, snow bound parts of the world.

    A typical mine will be an environmentally controlled warehouse or aircraft hanger type structure, in which 100’s of racks holding 1,000’s of computers run permanently. This requires significant investment, cooling, high amounts of power, management, staff on duty 24 hours per day, programmers and maintenance. As is done with gold and currency vaults, the physical location of Crypto Currency mines is not made public for security reasons.

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