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Welcome to Bitcoin Pro Mining (BPM), your one-stop online access portal to the world of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. BPM gives you direct access to extensive expertise, knowledge, skills, education and direct access to Cryptocurrency mining on the world’s top performing mines.

One Stop Single Point of Access

BPM is your one stop single point of contact and portal to the world of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.


BPM places great focus on research and performance tested innovation.

Member Support

BPM provides world class member support. Access to BPM support is personal and easy.

Availability & Access

BPM's offering and opportunity is available and accessible to everybody, anywhere in the world. It is accessible to any person who has access to the internet, including institutions, currency exchanges and individuals.

Member System Set-up, System Testing and System Activation

BPM gives you detailed personal attention during your system set-up, system testing and system activation process, followed by ongoing world class member support.

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